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Payment Methods


Thc Vapes Online Store has put in place safe, secured and convenient thc friendly payment methods for our clients to pay for their orders we are working on a number of other payment methods which will be made available to our clients soon.

We offer an onsite ATM for your convenience. Due to federal financial and legal restrictions, most merchant banks do not accept California medical marijuana dispensaries as customers.

Visa and Mastercard have both come out publicly to state their marijuana policy — That is, no federally illegal transactions may occur inside their systems.

As soon as the Federal Government provides additional clarity to banks and financial institutions around credit card processing for medical marijuana, we will be first in line to sign up for a credit card merchant account. Feel free to shop at your leisure and select your preferred THC vapes payment method from our list at checkout.

How To Buy Bitcoin Online

We sometimes offer up to 10% discount when our clients choose to pay in BTC. We believe in money for the people by the people without any regulations or the government tracking every single transaction so we advice you to pay with bitcoin.

To Pay With bitcoins you can buy them directly from your Verified Cashapp account and use that to make you payment. You will have to copy the wallet address you recieve when checking out and paste into you Cashapp to send. Watch the video to see how.

Now you got the bitcoins, Here Is how to send them to our bitcoin Wallet.

How To Buy Bitcoin With Credit Or Debit Card

If for some reason you can’t have your Cashapp send bitcoin then use the following website to safely buy bitcoin online like you would buy groceries on Amazon.